Meet the Durable Alternative To The Frail Carboard Box

Introducing Ecostax: Your eco-friendly answer to make moving convenient and hassle-free. Hire sturdy and reusable moving boxes and skip the never ending trips to the cardboard box shop.
Meet The Durable Alternative To The Frail Carboard Box

Eco Friendly Moving Boxes for
Residential and Commercial Solutions

We’re here to revolutionise the moving experience with durable, eco friendly moving boxes. Since our inception, we’ve set the standard for quality and convenience in the moving box industry. Our sturdy eco friendly moving boxes, made from recycled plastic, ensure the safety of your belongings while minimising environmental impact. Say goodbye to flimsy cardboard boxes and hello to a stress-free move with Ecostax. Join thousands of satisfied customers who have trusted us for their moving needs. With our simple online ordering process and fast delivery to anywhere in Melbourne, preparing for a move has never been easier.
Think Outside The Box And Rent Moving Crates

Think Outside The Box And Rent Moving Crates

They were built by movers, for people moving! Crafted by a team of seasoned movers, Ecostax crates are designed to streamline your moving experience like never before. With an in-depth understanding of the challenges of relocation, we’ve engineered crates that prioritise durability, ease of use and environmental responsibility. Our convenient drop-off and delivery service, managed by a trusted moving company, ensures that your moving boxes are where you need them, when you need them! Say goodbye to flimsy cardboard and hello to the reliability of Ecostax. Experience the difference today!

Ecostax process

Place Your Order

Placing an order is seamless - simply select your crate pack size and preferred dates online or call us! Seriously, it’s hassle-free!

We Deliver Crates

We’re powered by a team of movers. Not only are our delivery services prompt and convenient, but we bring the movers to your door to answer all your questions free of charge!

Pack & Move Your Stuff

Time to pack your belongings and put these crates to use! If you’re looking for assistance with packing and/or moving, we’re here to move.

We Will Collect Crates

This might be the best part! The move is finished, kick your feet up in the new place, as we take them away to prepare them for the next customer. You no longer have to keep old boxes under the house!

Looking for movers

Looking For Movers?

We’re partnered with a team of moving specialists and they’re currently offering our customers exclusive discounts! They helped us develop the crate and they’re the ones you will meet on delivery! Look no further for a 5-star moving company! Click the link below to visit Movers Choice & Co and book a move with some of Melbourne Metro’s finest.

Why Choose Us


They’re made from recycled plastic, reducing environmental impact and meaning they can be used again, and again (and… again).

Durable & Sturdy

Engineered by movers, these sturdy crates ensure the safety of your belongings during transit.


Our seamless ordering process and delivery service makes moving hassle-free.

Cost Effective

Reusable crates will make sure you don’t break your goods, or the bank. Hiring is much cheaper than buying cardboard boxes and there is less guesswork too!

Easy to Move

These were built by movers. They’re lightweight, stack neatly and have handles which makes lifting a breeze!


They aren't quite magic, but they'll disappear when you’re finished with them! After the hire period, we’ll pick them up and prepare them for the next customer to be reused.

Select A Package

Small Pack



For customers with less belongings, but just enough to get you on your way.

Medium Pack



When it’s an average size move and you’re looking for an efficient moving solution.



Our most common solution, for when you would rather be safe than sorry!

Extra Large Pack



It’s a big move. The ideal solution for customers with more stuff, and more to pack.

Not sure which package suits your needs?

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Get in Touch

What our customers say



Star rating on Google

Star rating on Google
240+ reviews
Ivan Litvinov
Ivan LitvinovA year ago
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Excellent customer service. Great product - sturdy boxes delivered on time at competitive prices. Why buy cardboard and deal with the mess after the move if you can use a durable plastic crate instead.
Suzie Latta
Suzie LattaA year ago
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These moving boxes are the best. I will never use cardboard boxes again.Not only do they deliver and pick up (which forces you to unpack!) the boxes are just way easier than dealing with cardboard, sticky tape, etc.All boxes are easily labelled so you can see what's in them when they're packed.So much sturdier than a cardboard box too.
Sharon Braun
Sharon BraunA year ago
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Ecostax were great, very responsive and helpful and quickly delivered additional crates when I realised I needed more. The crates are so much easier than boxes, no taping, and they stack and move really easily. A great eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.
Thomas Pritchard
Thomas PritchardA year ago
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Absolutely fantastic service with great support from Damien and the team. Boxes are strong, secure and study. Would recommend them for any move.

Ready to place an order?

Not sure which package suits your needs?

Ready to place an order?

Meet our drivers

We’re a team of movers so we know the moving game! When we deliver the moving boxes, we can talk through the process and answer any questions you may have about moving.












Popular Questions

It’s easy! Instead of buying frail old cardboard boxes, hire sturdy moving crates! Choose one of our pre-selected packs and take away the guess work! We’ll also deliver them to your current address and collect from your new address.
Well, by trade, we’re a moving company called Movers Choice & Co! We developed and on a daily basis, deliver these rentable moving crates to current and new customers! So, the answer is yes, we can also assist you with a moving service!
That’s up to you! One option is to hire the crates and pack your contents yourself to prepare for your move. Another option is to engage the services of Pack & Stack – this is our white glove packing team that does it all for you! The team also does unpacking!
Yes, there is! We have a minimum two week hire period.
That all depends on the date you’re looking at, and where we will be delivering! We’ll do our best to avoid or reduce delivery costs for you – so inquire within and we’ll see what we can do!